"Social activity includes Poker, Pinochle, Pan, Bridge"

Comfortable environment to play and improve your skills

Saturday Night Gamesters is a fun group of people that play all kinds of games.  We have a large group of double Pinochle players and there is always room for more.  No one ever gets sent home because of an odd number.

We have a small group of Mah Jong players and would welcome another table.  
The poker players will soon have enough for 2 tables. YOU are welcome
The Pan group also would welcome newcomers but if you have never played Pan, you would need a few lessons.  Barb Harris gives lessons on Fridays and the first one is free.  If you think you like it, to continue lessons, cost is $5.00 and applies to the Pan club dues ($5.00 a year).  Pan is a gambling game that combines poker and Gin Rummy.
We have several groups that bring various games and always have a great time. 
Sometimes there is a group that plays Hand and Foot Canasta.
You are welcome to bring your friends and start ANY game you would like.  Use the Rec Center’s a/c, tables, chairs, and save the wear and tear on your things.
We have a couple of parties a year and the fellowship is wonderful.  We welcome you.
Our dues are only $3.00 a year.  We start at 5:30 pm.  Come a little early to get signed in.
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